Initial Ideas

For my initial ideas they will be all base around the programming as that is my current specialism, but sadly as programmers I will still have to compare different art styles and create the art. I have first created a mind map below of four different game ideas which I could create based off them theme of “Nautical”.

Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a game where you play as a shark in the sea and there would be boats and other AI attacking you from the surface. The goal of the game would be to get the most amount of score by destroying/sinking the enemy’s on the surface, there would be local leaderboards on each PC for the user to see if they have beat their high score. The enemy would be in a tiered system, so when you reach a set score then a different type of AI would come for example helicopters, but when you get so high it will just be a scalable value which will increase their health or damage, this will be because the player will also gain more health when they get more score so this will balance out the two sides making it a more even and balanced gameplay. For the art, this would be a 2D with an attempt of realist looking sprites.

A similar game called “Effing Worm”

Fishing Game

The Fishing Game would be a game where you play as a fisherman trying to catch fish from different locations. Each fish that you catch you would sell at a market at the end of the day then with that money you have earned you can buy upgrades or invest into moving to better fishing locations to earn more money. The game will include the ability to save and continue where you left off, because its meant to be something you would spend time earning more money to upgrade your fisherman to how you want him to be like. The art style was going to be 3D in voxel style, I would use a software which I have used in the past called MagicaVoxel to create the voxel art style.

Battle Ships

Battle ships would be a multiplayer browser game where the goal is to sink as many other player ships without being sunk. You play as a pirate ship sailing around in the open seas, using your cannons on each side you take down other pirates to become the best pirate ship around. There will be a global leaderboard for everyone one to see who is the current best and where they are, each pirate will be able to change the colour of their sails to help them identify them selves over the others. The art style for this will be Vector art but it might have to be convert back into normal pixels depending on if a game engine can support vector graphics.

Diving Game

The Diving game idea is a sort of stealth diving game, where the player is tasked to find a much loot as they can around in a area which could be a ship wreck without dying from the hostile creatures in the water. The goal would be just finding the most amount of loot laying around in these untouched wrecks but in the process of searching these wrecks there will be AI creatures lurking around and if one of them spots you they will try and kill the player. If the player dies it would be the end of the game, but there is a chance which the player finds tools or weapons to defend them selves against these underwater creatures. The art style would be 3D graphics created in a low poly style with hand painted textures as this would be around the skill level I am current with 3D art.

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