Final Product

⛵️ BattleShips have finally been finished (The core features)


BattleShips is multiplayer ship battle game where the aim of the game is to sink the most amount of ships without getting sunk by other players.


W – Forward A and D – Rotates Ship Left Click – Shoots Cannons on left side Right Click – Shoots Cannons on right side P – Pause Menu Enter – Open up Chat ESC – Close chat when opened


Main Menu
Host View of all the players chasing each other


How do I host a server and play?

Just run the start server shortcut and the .exe its self, then you will be able to join via Lan

What IP/Port do I give to my friends to join?

The IP is fetched from and the port is always 15937 But all you need to give is your IP

People can’t join my server!

Make sure they haven’t got any spaces in the IP address field, and make sure you the host have the port 15937 open

Why can I spam the cannons?

I didn’t bother adding a cooldown, though it would make it harder.

I got kicked to the main menu!

Either you lost connection or the host closed the game down

I’ve lost the players in the host screen!

Good Luck finding them! There is no way to teleport back to the spawn 😜

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